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zilly | consulting

Consulting with experience and foresight


Our company is a dynamic and growing team of consultants.

Since our beginning in 2017 our company has evolved permanently.

The projects became more complex, the team grew as did our potential.

Every new project adds to our experience, permanent training and learning grows our expertise, all to be able to offer the most value you are looking for when running a project with us.

Our industries:

Automotive, special vehicles, measurement and analytical devices, plant engineering, automation, energy, infrastructure, IT-services, steel construction, banking and financial services.

Our way:

goal focussed - pragmatic - hands on - sustainable


This is, in combination with our values and principles the ideal combination for you.

About Daniel Zilly

Born 1979, married, father of four children, passionate for purchasing, open minded and always open for new challenges.


I worked in very different positions, such as project purchasing, strategic purchasing, category management, team lead, project manager, department head, and I could grow large experience by being active globally.

I have a degree in Business Administration which I earned in Pforzheim (Germany) and Chicago (USA) where I used to live, I always took on new challenges and widened my mind.

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