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Values and Principles

Clearly formulated values and principles are the foundation of trustful cooperation.

Trust is on the other hand the foundation for successful consulting.

Not the revenue is a sign of successful consulting, but clearly visible results on the client's side.

Our values are fundamental for successful and on the point transformations in your company.

Transparency is required to create trust. This is why we publish our values and principles online, so you can see for yourself if these values are a cultural match.


We act in honesty with our clients and partners. We give you our honest opinion and advice to the relevant topics. Sometimes this is uncomfortable, but if you already know everything yourself, you might not need outside counsel.


We follow the same goals and we work towards them together. We do not look at your company from a distance but work closely with you and your team in the project in order to be as successful as we wanted to be.


Quick wins are often not successful in the long run. Our advice and support target towards long term and sustainable results. To do so we always keep the goals and the measurement in close eyesight. Only sustainable success will make you happy with our work and your satisfaction is our top goal.


We stand to our promises and agreements. Once we start a new project the client is no longer a far away corporation, but we form a project team together. As temporary co-workers we stand to each other and walk this way together, also in hard times.


We all need reliable partners. We honor existing agreements. We deliver as promised. It's an honor to us to deliver top quality. We also take our clients' word for serious and demand the same from them and we rely on their promises.

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