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Welcome to zilly consulting.

We expertise in global sourcing, supporting our clients in creating a sustainable added value - right where every Euro saved adds up to the organization's profit.

Find out more about our services and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

We look forward to developing a proposal for you soon and working with you to realize the potential in your supply chain!


Learn more about what we do and we will happily answer any question you might have.

We would also love to put together an individual proposal for your organization and to secure potential within your supply chain.

Bessere Lieferantenbeziehungen

Langfristige und partnerschaftliche Lieferantenbeziehungen sind ein Erfolgsfaktor im Einkauf.

Längst ist der Kunde nicht mehr überall König, oft haben es Einkäufer mit übermächtigen Konzernen zu tun, an denen sie sich die Zähne ausbeissen.

Wir helfen dabei, das Lieferantenportfolio zu analysieren, zu ergänzen wo ratsam, aufzuräumen wo nötig, und dann den Fokus auf die Schlüssellieferanten zu richten und die Zusammenarbeit auf eine langfristig orientierte und für beide Seiten erfolgsversprechende Basis zu stellen.

Every success begins with a strategy!

Too often we see how strategies are not implemented consequently enough, or they are not being picked up by the team.

With our experience in developing, formulating, communicating and implementing strategies we can help you to turn your plans into success.

Together we investigate how goals and plans fit together with your values and visions.

We formulate and visualize the strategy and we plan the communication.

In addition we look for opportunities to measure the implementation of the strategy, we define KPIs and develop dashboards, the only way to ensure that goals are being reached.

We bring in our experience in developing and communicating strategies, plan team workshops to develop strategies, we help you to check the implementation and to measure if goals are being reached.

A good strategy is the beginning of success!

When implementing, the following topics should be focussed on:

Goals - Methods - Effectiveness - Resposibilities

We keep those items in sight and help you with that concept to reach your Goals.

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